Early I build models with different materials and objects, predominantly toys, cut out photography, combined with wood, plastics, sand and whatever materials that I find.
East The models I build I then use for photography. The resulting picture is the actual work. I destroy the model after I have made a picture I am satisfied with.
Whispering I create worlds that reflect upon an theme that is preoccupying me or is in the news or that I find interesting for whatever reason.
After Midnight
After Midnight A lot of my work depicts a not always very optimistic visions of a near future. I try to depict a world that has shifted out of the comfort zone into a zone where our old beliefs and securities donĀ“t count for much anymore.
Sunrise I try to open a window into a world which could happen any minute and, which is, in many cases already here, but out of the focus of what we want to see and of what is presented to us. A reality that lies lurking beneath the crackling veneer of our societies.
Near Dark
Near Dark The building of these miniature worlds allows me to model my reality exactly the way I wish it to be seen.
Looking Back
Looking Back My work has been called "apocalyptic" by some, I would not go that far. What I try to depict is not a vision of the end of the world, I simply zoom onto things, phenomena, events that are usually kept out of the picture or that can be sensed but not yet seen.
New Horizon
New Horizon I am interested in depicting the moments just after normality tipped over into something unknown, something nightmarish.
Code Red
Code Red Of course elements of more personal fears and dreams, or the occasional literary inspiration, can also be motives for my work.
The Road
The Road The difficulty lies in building models that look a bit realistic, but not too much. The viewer is supposed to see that my worlds are artificial, but should at the same time be tricked into associating it with reality.