Billy und Hells are two photographers :
Anke Linz (1965, Nürnberg) and Andreas Oettinger (1963, Munich).

They started to work in the field of fashion photography. They stumbled, more or less by coincidence, on a technique that would define their future works.

They discovered if they combined a black and white silde, made from a color negative, with a colour picture, a beautiful photograph emerged with fantastic effects.

Because of this technique, the colours are reduced but give a intense effect. The result is special and surprising.

Portrait Billy Hells

Anke Linz, born 1965 in Nürnberg
Andreas Oettinger, born 1963 in Munich
live and work in Berlin, Germany

Exhibitions, Publications, Awards

2010 Galerie Utrecht, Amsterdam Exhibition "Sailors, Monks, Sisters and more"
2010 Affordable Art Fair (AAF), Brussels Groupe exhibition at stand G5 of Leslie's Artgallery
2009 Catalogue du Mois Européen de la Photographie, Luxembourg 2009 Featured Artists
2009 Leslie's Artgallery, Bridel, Luxembourg Solo exhibition
2008 Gallerie Utrecht, Utrecht Exhibition "Der eigene Raum"
2008 Blurb, ArtBook of Leslie's Artgallery Featured Artists
2008 National Portrait Gallery, London Photographic Portrait Prize 2007
2008 Galerie Utrecht, Amsterdam Exhibition "Sisters of Mercy"
2008 Galerie Utrecht, Utrecht Exhibition "Wilder Westen"
2007 Fundación Foto Colectania, Barcelona, Spain Group exhibition "Dona, etcètera"
2007 Projekt Black Box Eine Aufforderung zum Selbstportrait
2006 Department Store, Berlin Exhibition "Billy und Hells"
2005 Lumas Editions Germany, France, USA Group exhibitions
2004 Leica Ginza Salon, Tokyo, Japan Exhibition "Tabea"
2003 Internationales Portraitprojektionsprojekt Die transparente Wand
2003 Camerawork Berlin Group exhibition "Traumwelten"
2001 Paperback book, Kruse Verlag Billy & Hells: Deutsch-Young German Photography