ARTletter december 2008

December 22nd, 2008


LESLIE’S ARTGALLERY is proud to present an artbook featuring a handpicked selection of 31 young emerging artists from various corners of the earth. These young artists represented by the gallery inject a mixture of hyper-realism, abstract art, installations and pop art into the art market. This book includes also some artists who will exhibit at the gallery in the future, giving the reader a preview of what is to come.

Artist’s Portfolio 2008

Standard Portrait Format (20 x 25 cm)

120 full colored pages with 129 photos

Order it now :

Softcover : 29,95 EUR + taxes and shipping

Hardcover with dustjacket : 39,95 EUR + taxes and shipping

Hardcover imagewrap : 44,95 EUR + taxes and shipping

[Image coverpage artbook #]

For ordering the book, click on the following link to visit the Blurb Bookstore. To handle the huge end of year printing volume, Blurb moved some european printing to a print partner in the US, which results in higher shipping costs for european customers. Blurb is working to move this printing back to the european print partners as soon as possible.

For three years now, LESLIE’S ARTGALLERY has been an important meeting place for art lovers, art collectors and of course for art creators.The gallery is represented on Saatchi Online as an interactive art gallery, offering her vision of art to several thousand of  visitors per day.

To visit LESLIE’S ARTGALLERY at Saatchi Online, click on the following link.

Art Dealers & Galleries around the world

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[Image Artwork Sarah Bourdarias #] AZART No 35 : SARAH BOURDARIAS

AZART, le magazine international de la peinture, vient de publier dans son numéro 35 de novembre/décembre 2008 dans la rubrique “Les Rencontres d’Azart” un reportage de plusieurs pages sur l’artiste Sarah Bourdarias, avec référence à LESLIE’S ARTGALLERY.

Retrouvez l’artiste sur le site de la galerie et sur AZART.

[Image Cover AZART #35]
[Image AZART #35 Sarah Bourdarias]
No 35 Nov – Déc 2008

[Image House of Tate #4] THE HOUSE OF TATE No 9

The House of Tate No 9, published in december 2008, features five artists of the gallery :


The House Of  Tate is a digital webzine for the creative arts, edited by Darryl Tate.

Visit the artist’s at LESLIE’S ARTGALLERY and at The House of Tate.

[Image The House of Tate #9] [Image The House of Tate - Camilla Engman #]



PASCAL MARLIN : 8 – 31 january 2009

Pascal Marlin was born in 1964 in France, he lives and works in Paris.

[Image Le Patineur #] [Image Homme Interieur Rose #] [Image La Marionnette #]
1 2 3

1. Pascal Marlin “Le Patineur” 2007; 89cm x 130 cm; acrylic and various on canvas

2. Pascal Marlin “Homme intérieur rose” 2008; 43cm x 55 cm; acrylic and various on canvas

3. Pascal Marlin “La Marionnette” 2008; 65cm x 81 cm; acrylic and various on canvas

Each deformed human character of Pascal Marlin remains realistic and creates his own uncommon universe. Sometimes frightening, the particular color of each painting softens each ruthless created monster.

For more informations visit Pascal Marlin at LESLIE’S ARTGALLERY.


JULIEN LEGARS : 8 – 31 january 2009

Julien Legars was born in 1982 in France, he currently lives and works in Aix-en-Provence

[Image Prothese de soiree #] [Image Prothese de soiree, closeup #]
1 2

1. Julien Legars “Prothèse de soirée” 2007

2. Julien Legars “Prothèse de soirée, close-up” 2007

‘”My job is structured in different ways around the idea of beauty and around our vision of the body today. I use different mediums which give different results. The painting is thick, flowing whereas the objects and the prints are finer and more delicate.

Through painting I imagine the skin, along with images from magazines or other elements that I use as a model. It is the body seen as an object that we look at, that we want, or that we are put off by. These paintings should be thick, generous, vivacious. They are usually carried out quickly in order to maintain a certain spontaneity, the first look at the picture, the one that speaks out and that I try to recreate.

By creating objects, or prints, I focus more on the idea of the body as an accessory, sometimes adorned with ridiculous accessories that I try to make into something beautiful. All that despite their primary function. I enjoy the fact that people want to wear something uncomfortable, simply because it is pretty.

I admire a body that has been modified and at the same time I make fun of it.”

Julien Legars

For more informations visit Julien Legars at LESLIE’S ARTGALLERY.


Create your own christmas ornaments with Voronoi fractals and watch a mannequin in bikini bounce and flop down a never ending room full of giant christmas glass balls. Use your mouse to grab the doll and click the fractal image to change the ornament.

[Image Voronoi Fractal #] [Image Ragdoll #]
Voronoi Fractal (Java applet) by Frederik Vanhoutte, 2008
Discover the Voronoi Fractal and other outstanding constructs, created by Frederik Vanhoutte from Belgium, in the digital art gallery.
Ragdoll (Flash Application)
by Pekka Sandborg, 2005
This funny flash application spread all over the internet. The physics is based on a model programmed by Thomas Jakobsen. Visit the other flash artworks in the digital artgallery.

Chers amis,

nous vous souhaitons de bonnes et heureuses fêtes de fin d’année.

La galerie sera fermée du 24 décembre 2008 au 7 janvier 2009 inclus.

Vernissage des nouvelles expositions de Pascal Marlin et Julien Legars : jeudi 8 janvier 2008 à 18h30.

Au plaisir de vous revoir

Leslie Barnig

Dear friends,

We wish you nice holidays and a happy New Year 2009.

The gallery will be closed from december 24th, 2008 to january 7th, 2009.

You are welcome to the next opening reception of the solo exhibitions of Pascal Marlin and Julien Legars on tuesday, january 8th at 6.30 p.m.

We look forward to seeing you at the gallery

Leslie Barnig