CHRONIQUES D’UN VIDE / the white box – the concept

April 15th, 2009
Voidzones on tape

Voidzones on tape

The white box is a conceptual art project created by the luxembourgish (artistic) architect Nathalie Kerschen.

The first available document related to the project is the photography (displayed at left) of the voidzone on tape, taken on april 15th, 2009. That’s the reason why this blog starts on this date, even if the idea of the white box was in Nathalie Kerschen’s mind long before this picture was taken.

In simply terms, the white box is a wooden box of the size of a container, with an embedded sound recording and broadcasting system, which will be shipped to several locations around the world, during many months, before returning to the point of departure.   The journey of the white box can be retraced by the recorded sounds. The movement of the box will be documented during the complete duration of the project and the white box will be exhibited to the public in various contemporary art galleries and museums during its travel. The public can participate in the project by following the journey of the white box on the blog, Facebook and Twitter and by acquiring tapes with recorded sounds of selected travel routes.

In artistic terms, the white box is an attempt to materialize the Void as a new platform where everything becomes possible. The deserted space becomes a condition première encompassing any human intervention.

In both speculations, the architecture is reduced to the simple form of a container enabling the visitor to experience the immediate and constant presence of the Void. They are acting as a Trojan Horse. Sent out into the world, they are recording like a tape, absorbing all the layers of the Void from the imminent and empirical to the individual and political ones. The object is both its own witness in time and space and a possible vector for those attracted by its presence.

The object has been designed as a constraint to experience the potential dynamics of the Void. It is a temporary placeholder for something beyond the kaleidoscope of perceptions. Its appropriation becomes a field of creation for those experiencing it. The box is an attempt to reinvent the Void in a constantly familiar situation. Its presence is necessary to make the Void operational.