CHRONIQUES D’UN VIDE / the white box – the notion of the void

October 1st, 2009

“I have always been fascinated by the notion of the void: the absence of any material, any human construction or artifact: the no man’s land or some industrial wasteland, the desert, the streets and passages … There are many expressions that try to define what exactly the void represents but none of them do it better than the city of Berlin where I spent a few months two summers ago. The no man’s land due to the absence of the Berlin wall runs like big scar through the city and allows the visitor not only to catch the history of this freed and open space but also reflects the potential creation which underlies it. As in one of Yves Klein’s’ monochromes, the abandoned becomes a new platform for the potential and draws the observer to the immaterial (where everything becomes possible) instead of leaving the observer in front of a blue painting. Empty spaces do the same. They inspire me. I wish to absorb their energy in order to recreate them, not necessarily in a physical way, but to rewrite their history and thus my own.

A no man’s land acts as a vacuum where you can recharge batteries emptied by the mass of information and entertainment of the big cities. It allows the mind to rest and at the same time to project itself into the spheres of the possible…”

Nathalie Kerschen (Canada 2009)