ARTletter january 2010 : current exhibitions, workshop, AAF, the white box

January 20th, 2010

Current solo exhibitions : Teiji HAYAMA and Jane ZWEIBEL

The current solo exhibitions featuring the japanese artist Teiji Hayama (ESPACE I) and the american artist Jane Zweibel (ESPACE II) are still open up to saturday january 30, 2010.

[solo show Teiji Hayama #1] [solo show Jane Zweibel #2] [solo show Teiji Hayama #3]

Teiji Hayama’s paintings join together western and Japanese influences, combining different art historical periods varying from Christian art, Greek mythology to contemporary Japanese pop culture and Ukiyo-E.

Many of the figures are rife with symbolism, a tradition in Christian art. Hayama’s pale, ethereal figures with frail bodies and pale tinited eyes often inspired by well-known images of female deities, portray an angelic appearance which clashes with a penetrating and unnerving glare directed at the viewer.

Teiji Hayama was present at the opening reception of his first solo exhibition in Luxembourg.

[Mary by Teiji Hayama #4] [Artemis by Teiji Hayama #5]

Jane Zweibel shows her Self-Portraits as Midlife Mermaids created as stuffed paintings. In these pieces, she makes figure silhouettes out of canvas, which she stuffs with cotton and sew. Jane Zweibel then paints narratives on the facades of each form. Each stuffed painting is a hybrid character, which embodies conflicts, losses and connections between childhood and adult lives.

[Mermaid by Jane Zweibel #6] [Mermaids by Jane Zweibel #7]

Both exhibitions have been largely reflected by the luxembourgish press and by various online blogs on the web.

[Le Quotidien #8 [Le Quotidien #9] [Luxemburger Wort]

Jane Zweibel was present at the opening reception of her second solo exhibition in Luxembourg and she participated in a “stuffed paintings” workshop with the children of the primary school (5e) Bonnevoie-Verger in Luxembourg on saturday 5th, 2009. She signed the artworks created by the children. The stuffed paintings created during the workshop were exhibited afterwards in the school before beeing taken at home by the young artists.

[workshop with Jane Zweibel #8]

Two artbooks (The world of Teiji Hayama; Hybrid stories by Jane Zweibel) featuring the exhibited paintings and other artworks from both artists have been published by the gallery and can be ordered online at the website.

[Artbook Teiji Hayama #9] [Artbook Jane Zweibel #10]

AAF (Affordable Art Fair) Brussels : 5-8.2.2010

LESLIE’S ARTGALLERY a le plaisir de vous inviter à son stand G5 à la Foire d’Art Contemporain AAF à Bruxelles du 5 au 8 février 2010. La galerie dispose d’un nombre restreint d’invitations au vernissage le jeudi 4 février 2010 de 19h00 à 22h00 et à la nuit de charité le vendredi 5 février 2010 de 19h00 à 22h00. Ces invitations, d’une valeur de 26,- euros, sont également valables comme billet d’entrée pendant les heures d’ouverture au public de 11h00 à 19h00 les vendredi, samedi et dimanche et de 11h00 à 17h00 le lundi 8 février 2010.

[Flyer AAF #13 [Flyer AAF #14]

Veuillez adresser un mail à en indiquant votre nom, prénom et adresse postale en mentionnant une des options vernissage, nuit de charité ou ouverture au public, si vous êtes intéressé à obtenir un ticket d’entrée pour cette foire.

CHRONIQUE D’UN VIDE / the white box

LESLIE’S ARTGALLERY is pleased to power the conceptual art project “the white box” launched by the luxembourgish artist and architect Nathalie Kerschen.

The white box can be described as a temporal/time capsule destined to record its travel across Europe and overseas in order to reconstruct it by means of the sound devices once it has arrived in a new location. Hence it operates as a map/surface of projection for the visitor and leads him to a mental journey.

In simply terms, the white box is a wooden box of the size of a container, with an embedded sound recording and broadcasting system, which will be shipped to several locations around the world, during many months, before returning to the point of departure.   The journey of the white box can be retraced by the recorded sounds. The movement of the box will be documented during the complete duration of the project and the white box will be exhibited to the public in various contemporary art galleries and museums during its travel. The public can participate in the project by following the journey of the white box on the Blog, Facebook and Twitter and by acquiring tapes with recorded sounds of selected travel routes.

[ready to go #15] [ready to go #16] [ready to go #17]

On january 11th, 2010, the container started from The Carleton University in Nepean in Canada to its first official ride to Luxembourg. The white box will be shipped first to the Casino Luxembourg, the Forum of contemporary art in Luxembourg. The project will be exhibited in the so-called “Aquarium”, a 175 sqm steel and glass pavilion of the Casino, starting at monday, february 8th up to sunday, february 28th, 2010.

After the exhibition in the Casino in Luxembourg, the white box will continue its journey to Paris, with a previous box stop at LESLIE’S ARTGALLERY.

The next locations of the white box and dates of exhibitions will be announced soon.