TV-Show eveant covering the exhibition “Lost Tapes” from Janne NABB

October 3rd, 2008

The exhibition “LOST TAPES” of Janne NABB is featured in the episode 3 of eveant, a weekly tv-show on the web covering cultural & nightlife events in Luxembourg and presenting people and places who make a difference in the local scene.

eveant episode 3

eveant episode 3

In the works of Lost Tapes-exhibition, traditional landscape and the inheritance of figurative art are being contorted by brutal work and overlapping layers. Paintings are like corrupted data : digital pictures which have lost serious amount of memory blocks and which are barely hanging together.
There’s only a fraction what is left from the original pictures which reminds of something familiar.
The rest is regrouped in a way which cannot be interpreted, or has simply vanished.
Basically the works are surviving traces which really do not exist.
They are fragments of separate recollections which have been fused together violently, partly shattering them into their primary factors.

Janne Nabb