ARTletter april 2009

April 5th, 2009
Mois Européen de la Photographie 2009 emp_logo

Dans le cadre du Mois Européen de la Photographie, quatre oeuvres monumentales sont exposées sur la façade du bâtiment Robert-Krieps de l’abbaye de Neumünster à Luxembourg. Parmi les oeuvres figure la photo intitulée “Schwester Constanze” des artistes allemands  Billy & Hells. Le vernissage de cette exposition a eu lieu le samedi 28 mars 2009.

[CCRN exposition plein air #1] [CCRN exposition plein air #2] [CCRN exposition plein air #3]
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Le Mois Européen de la Photographie est le produit heureux d’une collaboration entre 7 capitales européennes Luxembourg, Paris, Berlin, Vienne, Bratislava, Moscou et Rome qui organisent tous les deux ans un festival consacré à la photographie. L’exposition “Sisters of Mercy” de Billy & Hells qui a lieu dans la Leslie’s Artgallery à Bridel, Luxembourg, dans le cadre de ce mois de la photograhie est prolongée jusqu’au 30 avril 2009.

Un catalogue Billy & Hells, publié dans le cadre de cette exposition, peut être commandé auprès de la librairie en ligne Blurb Bookstore au prix de 16,95 EUR TTC + frais de transport.

Les photographies suivantes de Billy & Hells sont disponibles à la galerie:

portraits au format 90 x 120 cm, série limitée de 6, au prix de 2.800 EUR TTC :

Schwester Alexandra, Schwester Anuschka, Schwester Clay, Schwester Hannah, Schwester Janine, Schwester Maria, Schwester Stella, Schwester Yael

personnages au format 110 x 180 cm, série limité de 6, au prix de 3.800 EUR TTC :

Schwester Constanze, Schwester Hannah

[Artwork Grant Barnhart #] New artworks by Grant Barnhart
The new artworks of the american artist Grant Barnhart are shown at the group exhibition “Dark Americana” at the Baer Ridgway Exhibitions in San Francisco from april 4th to may 9th, 2009 and at the David B. Smith Gallery in Denver, Colorado, from april 2nd trough 25th, 2009.

One of the new paintings exhibited is Guitar Back Stabs, 2008

(acrylic on canvas, 60 x 48 inches)

5.000 $US

Grant Barnhart is featured in the new artbook “The Upset: Young Contemporary Art” published by Gestalten.

A new breed of contemporary artists is celebrating new found international recognition for their style and approach to creating art that is sprouting from and largely influenced by visual subcultures. The Upset documents the burgeoning artists in this new movement whose works are often figurative and narrative employing classical techniques with great skills to create sculpture, illustration design and painting with the use of spray cans, sharpies and elaborate colour palettes on canvas. In addition to the striking visual work, the book features portraits of artists as well as in-depth interviews with selected artists who are creating outstanding cutting-edge contemporary fine art.

[Blurb Book Billy & Hells #] [Blurb Portfolio Leslie's Artgallery #] [Artbook The Upset #]

Grant Barnhart is also featured in the artist portfolio of Leslie’s Artgallery, published last year at the Blurb Bookstore with paintings from the exhibition “Spread Eagle” from may 2nd trough 31th, 2008 in Luxembourg, Bridel.

The following paintings are still available at Leslie’s Artgallery :

Coors, Coors Light, Welcome to Utah, Bold and Refreshing, Power I Formation.

Prices on request.