Blasphemies, monstrosities, & other perversions by Brian DONNELLY

September 8th, 2009
Solo show Brian Donnelly

Solo show Brian Donnelly

Visual artist Brian Donnelly is set to open his first major Canadian solo show at Show & Tell Gallery on September 11th. Titled “Blasphemies, Monstrosities, & Other Perversions” Brian’s new body of work will certainly turn some heads.

His show is a view past the traditional world of figurative painting, distorting common perspectives, and perverting it with his own brand of zoological influence. The work stands as monument to egotism, destruction, and above all the selfish whims of a creator.

Without thought for consequence, Brian eradicates his subjects’ extremities with primer white, replacing them with zoological alternates that bring the viewer to question his motives.