Brian DONNELLY participates at the 2nd “April Flores Toy Project”

September 1st, 2009
April Flores Show

April Flores Show

Brian Donnelly is participating in a group show on september 16th, 2009,  in San Francisco CA. The show will consist of various artists hand picked by director Carlos Batts, who will receive a plaster mold of adult film star April Flores’ vulva, to use as a canvas. This will be a follow up to the first exhibition which took place on May 13th, 2009 at La Luz de Jesus Gallery, Los Angeles. Participating artists included Axis, Carlos Batts, Coop, Jim Mahfood, Kime Buzzelli, Kozyndan, Misha, and Small Paul.

“Creative interpretations of the female anatomy are fundamental to art,” explains Carlos Batts, Curator. “Specifically, this project was inspired by the irony of Jeff Koons’ work and the playfulness of the Dunny movement, as well as by April herself. In this exhibit, April provides the blank canvas on which each artist has the opportunity to express his or her vision.”

Participating artists of the 2nd show include Axis, Carlos Batts, COOP, Jim Mahfood, Kime Buzzelli, Kozy & Dan, Misha, Small Paul, Brian Donnelly, Stephan Kasner, Dr. Carol Queen, Ph.D and Robert Lawrence, Zak Smith.