Brian Donnelly's work acts to settle his own selfish whims, while exploring art and art culture through representational painting.

Inspired by books like "The island of Dr. Moreau" and "Frankenstein", his aim is not to recreate works based on fiction, but to create his own vision of cruelty.

He models himself after the hap-hazard doctors of fiction, substituting his scientific practice for his artistic practice, and in doing so, he has become a fierce and unforgiving editor of his images; the antagonist of his own creations.

Portrait Brian Donnelly

born in 1979 in St. Catherines, Ontario
lives and works in Toronto, Canada

Graduat "Drawing and Painting"
Ontario College of Art and Design

Exhibitions, Publications, Awards

2010 Affordable Art Fair (AAF), Brussels Group exhibition at stand G5 of Leslie's Artgallery
2009 Good Vibrations, San Francisco Group exhibition "April Flores Toy Project"
2009 Show & Tell Gallery, Toronto, Canada Solo show "BLASPHEMIES, MONSTROSITIES, & OTHER PERVERSIONS"
2009 Espace G, Strasbourg, France Group exhibition "UN PEU DE LUX ..."
2009 Juxtapoz Magazine, june, issue 7 Featured artist
2009 LeBasse Projects, Los Angeles Group exhibition "Vous Avez Eté Juste Servi"
2008 Blurb, ArtBook of Leslie's Artgallery Featured Artist
2008 In My Bed Magazine, issue 2 Featured Artist
2008 Jack Fischer Gallery, San Francisco Art Fair "Aquaart Miami"
2008 Cerasoli - LeBasse Gallery, Los Angeles Group exhibition "Gifted"
2008 Studio Nine Gallery, Toronto Group exhibition "Embody"
2008 Leslie's Artgallery, Bridel, Luxembourg Solo exhibition
2008 Magenta Publishing for the Art, Toronto Carte Blanche, Vol. 2 - Painting
2008 T.I.F.S.U.G. Peterborough, Canada Art show STRANGERS
2008 Gallery 1313, Toronto, Canada Group exhibition SEX & EROTICA
2008 Thinkspace Art Gallery, Los Angeles, USA Group exhibition Fight for Flight
2008 The House of Tate Online Art Magazine Featured Artist; Issue 5
2007 Moloko+ independent pdf art magazine Featured Artist; Issue #3
2007 Christopher Cutts Gallery, Toronto, Canada Summer Splash; group exhibition
2007 Leslie's Artgallery, Bridel, Luxembourg "Young Emerging Artists" group exhibition
2007 Stride Gallery - Calgary, AB Said and Done; group exhibition
2006,Vol2,2006,#021 Interview : Anything I like
2006 The eXTra finGer blogspot Interview
2006 Antisocial Gallery - Vancouver, BC Return to the Real; group exhibition
2005 James Baird Gallery, St. John's, NL I am; Good in Bed; group exhibition
2004 Mind Control Gallery, Toronto, ON Efficiency 2; group exhibition
2004 Maple Leaf Tavern, Toronto, ON Group exhibition
2003 Gladstone Hotel, Toronto, ON Eazy Money; group exhibition
2003 Mind Control Gallery, Toronto, ON Efficiency; group exhibition
2003 O.C.A.D. Toronto, ON Street Party; 88th annual exhibition; 6th annual drawing & painting exhibition
2003 SPIN Gallery, Toronto, ON Go West! ; group exhibition
2003 Gallery 61, Toronto, ON New paintings ; group exhibition
2003 The Beverley Tavern, Toronto, ON Paintings by ...; group exhibition
2002 Takao Tanabe Scholarship Bourse
2002 Takao Tanabe Scholarship TL Pro Imaging Prize
2002 Gallery Art System, Toronto, ON The destro(yers);; group exhibition
2002 O.C.A.D. Atrium Gallery & Cafe, Toronto Just wrong; group exhibition
2002 Mind Control Gallery, Toronto, ON Solo exhibition
2001 Gustav Weisman Memorial Award Award