Entomologist of the Imagination

For years, I have been exploring the natural world, in city parks and by the seashore, gathering bits and pieces of all kinds for my work. I turn them into fantastic insects with which to fill my imaginary.

As different parts of plants become a thorax, an elytra or an antenna, an insect appears. All it needs now is the breath of live, a lifestyle and a social role. I install these insects in a mysterious procession around a nest or cocoon, or in a museum-like display case. And so I become an entomologist of the imagination, an explorer of worlds yet to be discovered. For me this is an invitation to glimpse nature in a reinvented form, a fabulous opportunity to appreciate it's wealth.

Christian Bobin, who wrote “Le huitième jour de la semaine”, says that the simplest things, from fruit to stones, grass and stars invite us to enjoy an infinite celebration. Beauty lies in the outdoors, he explains, inside a chestnut, along a path, in the corner of a windowpane, on the dark fruit of roots, in the dust along the road and in the green of a river- everywhere there is beauty life itself.

This is how I see and perceive all of these tiny bits of nature and other found objects that are just waiting to be given a second life. Removed from their usual context, they become now more precious- like jewels or treasures. This is my take on beauty, the fragility of nature, life.

Damien Louche-Pelissier

born 1966 in Grenoble, France
lives and works in Marseille, France

Graduated 1989 from Ecole Emile Cohl, animation department.
Since 1990 works as an author, graphic creator and director in animation movies. In 2003 started a second career as an visual artist.

son film Patate et le jardin potager
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Exhibitions, Publications, Awards

2010 Affordable Art Fair (AAF), Brussels Groupe exhibition at stand G5 of Leslie's Artgallery
2009 Leslie's Artgallery, Bridel, Luxembourg Solo exhibition Espace II
2009 Galerie L'Art à Part, Ollioules, France Permanent exhibition
2009 Centre Marcel Pagnol, Lançon de Provence, France Solo exhibition "Micro Sculpture"
2008 Blurb, ArtBook of Leslie's Artgallery Featured Artist
2008 Paris, France Caravanabraille
2008 Urban Gallery, Marseille, France Group exhibition "Manipulations Naturistes"
2008 Chapelle St. Sulpice, Istres, France Group exhibition
2008 La Poissonnerie, Marseille, France Solo exhibition (Installation)
2007 Festival Vice & Versa, Valence, France Caravanabraille
2007 Insectarium, Montreal, Canada Exhibition "Spiders on parade"
2006 Muséum, Lyon, France Exhibition "Insectes, je vous aime"
2005 Kasa Galeri, Sabanci University, Istanbul, Turkey Group show
2005 Casa de Velazquez, Ciudad University, Madrid, Spain Exhibition "Magnolia"
2005 Candyland, Stockholm, Sweden Group exhibition « Have you ever been stung by a dead bee? »
2004 Galerie Objet Trouvé, Paris, France Group exhibition
2003 Hall Saint Pierre, Paris, France Group exhibition "Printemps des singuliers"