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Mr Picasso Head

Ruder Finn Interactive (2001 - 2006)

Ruder Finn Interactive (RFI) is a boutique interactive agency embedded within the US public relations firm Ruder Finn Inc. founded in 1948 by David Finn and William Ruder. RFI is managed by Scott Schneider. His team of technical, creative and strategic professionals (Art Director : David Nicolaou, Content Strategist : Rebecca Goldfarb, Creative Director : Michael Schubert, Information Architect : Neille Ilel, Programmer : Erik Hansen) enhanced and added new functionalities to the first version of the Picassohead tool created in 2001. They won the merit award of the One Show Interactive advertisement showcase in the category "Brand Gaming - Websites" in 2004, followed by other awards.

Today, Mr Picassohead is still generating buzz. In may 2010, more than 1.040.000 paintings created by visitors are stored in the online gallery. A sample of some of this artworks, created between november 2003 and march 2009, are shown on this webpage.

The success of Mr. PicassoHead is due in large amount to the ease and entertainment of the tool. Visit the homepage of Mr Picassohead and create your own paintings. It takes only a few seconds to learn how to use the tool and makes hours of fun.