Jorge Rubert is a Visual Artist, who has an interest in figurative realism contemporary art.

Jorge's work reflects a personal journey through realism. There is a strong influence from the Italian and Spanish Baroque period, as well as old masters, such as Caravaggio, Zurbarán, Rivera, and many others...Artists that he loves and are always present in his work, as he uses timeless classical painting techniques.

Taking further influence from mass culture and the contemporary art scene, Jorge takes anything visual around him and turns it something personal, despite its origins. Generally working with models though some times invented visions from vernacular feelings.

His creative process takes substance from personal worlds which is demonstrated in his artworks.

Working with photographs of his subjects as a reference, Jorge's paintings bridge the gap between painting and photography but always maintain his own personal painting style, giving more personal information to the image, and trying not to be classified as photorealism or any other ism.

The empty spaces around the main figures gives the sensation of power, taking the viewer on a personal journey which enables them to gain more from the painting by seeing it as more than simply a superficial picture.

His aim is not to corrupt the true and transcendental aesthetic experience of his art. Creating polymorphous paradigms of multicultural values.

Portrait Jorge Rubert

born in 1976 in Valencia, Spain
lives and works in Spain

Exhibitions, Publications, Awards

2010 Jake and Dinos Chapman online fine art gallery Online presentation "The Triumph of the Nymphs"
2010 Affordable Art Fair (AAF), Brussels Groupe exhibition at stand G5 of Leslie's Artgallery
2009 Online art magazine area-zinc, Madrid Featured artist in issue No 7, 02/2009
2009 Leslie's Artgallery, Bridel, Luxembourg Solo exhibition "Bipolar Production"
2009 Blurb, Artbook Jorge Rubert, edited by Leslie's Artgallery Personal Portfolio
2008 Blurb, ArtBook of Leslie's Artgallery Featured Artist
2007 Leslie's Artgallery, Bridel, Luxembourg Group exhibition
2002 - 2005 Universidad Politécnica de Valencia Mural of 400 m2 on the ceiling of the library under
the direction of Enrique Senis Oliver
2003 Gallery AKKA, Valencia, Spain Solo exhibition
2002 Toranto Art Gallery, Barcelona, Spain Group exhibition
2001 Artis Gallery, Valencia, Spain Group exhibition
2000 Interarte Art Fair, Valencia, Spain Group exhibition
1999 Gallery CG Art, Valencia, Spain Solo exhibition
1998 J & C Art Gallery, Valladolid, Spain Group exhibition
1998 Arcala Art Fair, Salamanca, Spain Group exhibition
1998 Foundation Bancaja, Sagunto, Valencia Solo exhibition
1996, 1997,
Gallery CG Art, Valencia, Spain Group exhibitions