Digital portfolio

Marc Pierrard is an allround artist, creating not only figurative and abstract paintings, sculptures and prints, but also large installations and great multimedia projects which are presented ih the digital portfolio on his website called "INTERNET HEADQUARTER".

Eat your Picasso (the reminiscence of '68), Modern Conspiracy (a media "performance"), The Schoolyard, Etat des Lieux, Tannhäuser in Paris, Buffet Autricho-Americain, The Comfort of being Afraid, To reduce the choir to one solist, ... are some of the titles of his works realized or planned. Marc Pierrard mixes all available techniques and materials to create his artworks.

Most of the characters in his figurative compositions are taken from the HISTORY of ART, more or less known paintings, that touched the artist in a way or another. He mostly works by "clin d'oeil" or reference, ...knowing the original artworks and the context in which they were created.

The stories around them or the life of the artist(s), is definitly a PLUS in the reading of his work, but not fundamental.


Marc Pierrard is not only interested in paintings and sculptures, but also in sports (swimming), music, photography, movies, theater and literature. He was the guitarist of the luxembourgish progressive / indie / post-hardcore band defDUMp, formed in year 1993, which was one of the most promising hardcore bands from Europe. They have released five studio records - latest of them called "This Is Forevermore" published in year 2007. The band played their farewell final show in Luxembourg in 2008.


born 1974 in Luxembourg
lives and works in Kayl, Luxembourg

1999, Teacher

Exhibitions, Publications, Awards

2009 Galerie "Konschthaus beim Engel", Luxembourg Solo show "La Politesse du Désespoir"
2009 Leslie's Artgallery, Bridel, Luxembourg Group show "NEW CONTEMPORARY FIGURATIVE ART"
2009 Galerie Artmonti, Paris, France Solo exhibition "Tannhäuser in Paris"
2008 Galerie Christophe Mafouze, Paris, France Group exhibition
2007 Galerie du Théatre, Esch-Alzette, Luxembourg Solo exhibition "IMPROVISATION ESTIVALE"
2007 Kulturfabrik, Esch-Alzette, Luxembourg Group exhibition "OUT OF THE CROWD III"
2007 Atelier des Roches, Metz, France Solo exhibition "ALLEGORIES CONTEMPORAINES"
2007 Restaurant Coco Pazzo, Luxembourg-Ville, Luxembourg Solo exhibition "MISE EN BOUCHE ARTISTIQUE"
2006 LTE, Esch-Alzette, Luxembourg Group exhibition "BENEFIZ SHOW"
2006 Kulturfabrik, Esch-Alzette, Luxembourg Group exhibition "OUT OF THE CROWD II"
2005 LTE, Esch-Alzette, Luxembourg Group exhibition "BENEFIZ SHOW"
2005 Centre Culturel, Tuntange, Luxembourg Group exhibition "FOOD FOR YOUR SENSES"
2004 Pipeline, Messancy, Belgique Group exhibition "LIBERATION DAY II"